Thursday, January 12, 2006

New blog

Offlate, the humour mill has gone on strike. The social and rebellious old vasu has sprung up like spring bloom. Life has become serious (ok, dont laugh now). Some of my friends whom I met lately were complaining how I have veered away from what I used to be extremely passionate about "Management thought".

"What happened to your zest and zeal towards management techniques ?. What happened to the old vasu ?", asked one of them. Well they have a point and I have decided to better utilise the blog world to advance that side of me.

As a first step, I set thinking for the last few months about what I would be blogging about and how to go about that. After a few rigmaroles, the topic seemed a no-brainer. TOC - Theory of constraints. My favourite flavour of management. I remember the days in imdr days when life was simple, focussed and exciting. Reading books, talking to professors, arguing and debating about something and later applying all this on one of my pet research projects, filled those glorious two years on an enriching trip into the management world.

This conversation with old friends re-invigourated the old vasu and he needs his own space.

I have started another blog Jonah's way.

I think I will be blogging more there than I have done here. But this is the new Vasu's space and perhaps he will inspire the old vasu to blog more often.

Do go through Jonah's way and do give me your inputs.


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