Sunday, July 23, 2006

One year....and dead.

A year has passed running this blog. It was an experiment and the experiment was a great success. Lets see...

1) My writing has improved.
2) I have found many friends.
3) I have acquired a reputation. See what all would be well qualified to describ me.
a) Funny
b) Communist, left of center and leftist.
c) Anti-American
d) Totally nutcase.

Feel free to add more.

Let me tell you all have been compliments. Neetha my dear psycho friend would tell me that I am an attention seeking provocative guy. Which is in a way true.

But I am curious. Curious to find out what happens to me without a blog ?

It has been a good experiment so far and its time to experiment on new things.

But all good things should come to an end.

Officially I declare this blog "Dead" (as loftily as declaring the olympic games closed)

I have made a decision not to blog here. My other blog needs some attention. Johna's way had been lost in the woods for some time now. I may blog in a secret identity somewhere else.

All life is nothing but an experiment conducted with utmost sinciereity. No duplicity, no negativity and no bad intentions and definitely no baggage. This experiment is done and I have learnt a lot through it.

Its time to move on.


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