Monday, February 27, 2006

Totally recall (nothing to do with that obnoxious switchneggar movie)..

I am right now on a nostalgic trip, thinking of all the good things that happened in my life. The umpteen friends, the few relationships. The first crush and all that. I am so reminded of my life for the sheer variety of experiences and people whose paths I have crossed, in one emotional decision I have decided to put my photograph


Source: "The hindu"

Just kidding!!!!!... I thought which is the best way to pen an ode to one of the brightest filim makers in tamil movie industry. Thats cheran and if you do happen to have a taste for tamil movies, you should watch Autograph He is a genious.For the rest of the folks who are not too keen to watch a tam movie dont you worry, its being remade in all major lanugages Kannada, Telugu, Mallayalam and Hindi (Prayer : God please god, save this movie and please let not shah rukh khan act in it.... Even mithun would be ok... but not shah rukh... please god)

When I was in coimbatore I positively tried to get out of that place and for a while thought, "Oh god what kind of a college i have joined ?". RVS was hardly known for its academics. It was popular for the IDC (Indefinite closure. College shut down and students sent back home normally for 15 days. It is accompanied by strikes, a slew suspensions and an odd dismissal. It could be as profound as cauvery issue or anti-jayalalitha or as silly as bad dosas in the canteen)

Any batch which hasnt forced 1 IDC atleast in a year is known as a sissy batch and people would constantly rue and complain about the falling standards in college kids. From a P.S kind of school(shark infested, where dyslexic kids like me would be routinely humiliated) in chennai where I was the top of my class (from the bottom), I suddenly found myself the only guy clearing mathematics, electronics an all the mumbo jumbo of science in my college. Back then my only aim was go to North India for an MBA.

When I did go to Pune for my MBA, I realised the value of studying in RVS and I realise now that those were the years I got transformed into a person. I formed my identities, gave my idealism some structure. I was so full of activity that I used to have 16 hour work days doing all kinds of things. The library was mine to dig out dust laden but non-dogeared books and have it issued, stamped and read from preface to index.

Even now there would be books with just my stamp on it. The NSS camps trying to build toilets and educate old guys with a big heart and gutteral laughs. It was RVS that gave me an opportunity to go up on stage, commit a few mistakes without being bludgeoned for that. I realised, I could sing well fight for my rights, argue with professors who were worse than me and represnet myself in an honest way. Thats the word, RVS was an honest place. With all the politics and tension, you would never find instances of backstabbing, manipulations etc. It was as uncouth and unsophesticated as its stark barren environment. It was one of the few non-threatening environments which gave me space enough to develop. For a meek kid I was, RVS was a growth tonic.

I realised that only after reaching IMDR. from RVS to IMDR was a humongous leap in all aspects. you had 50 people highly motivated from all parts of the world cocky and self assured about their abilities (afterall they all cleared CAT). It was a place of real testing my potentials. What surprised me was I had the courage to put myself and my ideas out in the open class with a typical south indian accent but I never really believed I was good. To be acknowledged by peers was a great thing and despite all my insecurities I was a computer expert from rural tamil nadu. When you are inside tamilnadu you never realise how tough you actually become in achieving goals. That state with its horrendous scarcity of resources makes you a near vulture. But when you meet people from other states, you are suddenly aware of the fact that your basic nature is aggressive.

It took a while for me to get out of the "I have to survive" trip and calm my mind down and make some real friends. Friends like Sachin who are totally unencumbered in their thinking and totally non-threatening in his approach. I had to literally disarm myself to be percieved as non-threatening and acceptable. The confidence was there thanks to the 3 year RVS experience. The utter confidence that I can be whatever I set my eyes on. Maybe that one lesson is worth the three years of percieved lost opportunities.

"Its all nostalgia", my mind sometimes says chastising me for this luxury. But isnt it nice to think of your past and feel good ? There were some serious lessons I learnt without knowing I was learning it and its worth a look once in a while isnt it ? but the whole dilema is between participation and analysis. When you analyse you look at your experience in a non-participative way. When you participate you dont have time to pause, think and come back into the loop. "It is a contradiction. But only if you look at it as mutually exclusive processes", says sachin. You can always count on sachin to immediately get on your train of thought and talk at the same plane.

Maybe that is my next sign post. To participate in day-to-day life and still have a analyst process running in the background...

There is one thing I did good in RVS. Because of my tremendous insecurity about falling behind acadameically I over corrected. I packed my day with so much activity that I was juggling college, NIIT, NSS, Library and a ton of other things including spending long hours in the electronics lab. I am glad I learnt COBOL and UNIX in coimbatore. Can you actually believe COBOL and UNIX ????

But hey whatever it is do take some time and watch Autograph...Its worth the DVD rental.

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Venkat's sitution

I told you, Karma always pays. Well it did, allbeit a little delayed. Venkat who all of us affectionately called as prachanai (tam for the word trouble) came up with his classic first liner "Machi prachanai da" (Machi there is trouble). Six of us looked up instantly not bothering to conceal the cards in our hands. Rummy with serious betting money wasnt important. If "prachanai" ever was to utter those words, the reactions would have been same. We would have broken chairs, shouted choicest and ear polluting expletives and gone of running in our lungis to bludgeon whoever it is who is acting smart.

Questions generally came later. That was how our own close knit group functioned. Extreme comradire, trust. Afterall life in a faction ridden politically charged and sometimes violent college campus was no less than a battlefield.

This time, it was different. There was no resolve in venky's face. He looked defeated.

Karuppa : "Whats the problem da ?"
Venky : "Personal machi"

all of us jumped in shocked. "What the fuck personal ?". "Is this what our friendship has become ?". "I cant believe you dint trust us ?"... Conclusions were being drawn thick and fast and no body was in a mood to let that slight pass. It was no slight actually. Venky though the gang leader, we all realised was having some issue ouside of college and in our own offended brash way, we were trying to make him cough it out. We took our friendships real seriously. Wehn Bull's mom wanted some blood, we donated it unconditionally. When I lost my monthly allowance from dad, my friends chipped in. When Shyam ran away from college and was absconding, we all scoured coimbatore to locate him. It took 3 days and when we found him all of us gave him the blanket parade. In such an environment, "Its personal" wont cut it.

Venky finally relented.

Venky's sister was seeing a boy. She was just a year younger to venky and the boy (Senthil) was a rival gang leader. We all knew that boy's activities. From a very violent background and a charismatic bully of sorts. To his credit, he dint know it was venky's sister. If he had known, he wouldnt have lifted his head and seen her. None of us knew it. We all looked at palladam with the expression how-hell-did-you-miss-this ? Palladam was the maven of the group. One who collects, searches information and keeps the interests of the groups alive. He was the one who should have known but it was apparent he dint. We decided to postpone his inquiry for later and tackle the matter at hand. "Then...what happened ?", continued karupa.

Venky : "She came home yesterday crying and bruised up..." (even as we spoke he was chocking). "She wouldnt stop crying and she was uncontrollably weeping".

All of us were shell shocked.

Venky : "That's when we found out that she is in love with him ?"

Palladam was jumping in the air. Gomma, I am going to kill him man.

All of us irritatedly looked at palladam with a first-you-fucked-up-and-now-you-want-to-kill-him look. Palladam became silent quiet embaressed in not living up to his roles.

"Go on da", Ramesh said (one of the few sane voices in the group. That includes me).

Venky : "My sister was abused man!!!!... venky was uncontrollable...not sexually but physically. That bastard got drunk and beat her up outside college. She refused to go with him alone to ooty (a nearby hillstation frequented by lovers)..

This turned all of us into palladams... Raging to go and positively that day we would have cracked senthil's skull.

Venky sensed the change in situation and went on. "Hey cool it guys. There is another complication. My sister loves him more now and yesterday she threatened my dad that if something happens to him, she will commit suicide ?"

This brought a sense of reality in the gang.. Arguments followed as what kind of medival torture that could be re-enacted. Literally every approach was shot down by Ramesh, the conscience keeper of the group. A gandhian by heart who abhorred violence. But in a group with such bloodthirsty bastards hungry for revenge, he generally had little choice. For the first time in our lives, venky listened to him.
When all cacophony of "we will do this, do that" died down, Ramesh spoke up.

Ramesh : "The key thing is venky's sister. We dont care for the guy, but her sister should not end up harming herself". As we all nodded our heads, he proceeded to quizz venky about her sister's behaviour patterns and weather she was a rebel or not. I was there sitting dumbstruck at the sheer details of questioning venky was was answering. Every small thing about her likes, dislikes and insecurities were discussed threadbare. But never in a way to make venky feel vulnerable or uncomfortable.

"Alright now",concluded venky. "Boss looks like this is not the first time this must have happened and for some reason she is liking it. Normally we would hate people who abuse us. I mean really abuse us. But for some wierd reason, she seems awe struck by that and is feeling asif it was her fault and not his. This in itself is a dangerous symptom".

Looking at me Ramesh adds "similar to stockholm syndrome ??" and he nods his head vigorously. Ramesh along with yours truly are one of the few in our college who have read all books in our library. Literally every book from economics, philosophy, politicsl, fiction to gmat exam papers. His breath of knowledge and analytical skills were amazing. His comprehension of situation was astute. His values of "no violence" ("unless necessary" was lateron added) coupled with all these things ultimately convinced us that this guy can untie the knotty situation without causing damage. All of us knew that in this situation brain could work it out and not brawn.

"First of all, leave her alone. Give her all the space. not more than what is normally given, but not less than what is generally given. Bring the situation back to normal asif nothing ever happened.". Venky sat confused. "Machi, understood ? just do as I say. Behave normally to her, talk normally. Dont ever act as if she is a victim of anything. Just be calm, relaxed. Dont act as if you guys dont care though. Show that you love her and you wish the best." Ok nodded venky looking terribly unconvinced.

"Do so for a month or two or three... Let her do whatever she wants within limits.Her curfews would stay the same". Ok nodded venky still confused.

"You have to do this sincierely, genuinely and consistently, because human beings can sense vibes. You cant put an act. She will know." Ok nodded venky.

For the next 3 months someone or the other will travel from college to coimbatore in the same bus just to keep a watch on her and make sure nothing happens. Ok...

"Once the term ends and she is through with her class 12 (The college I studied had a high school in the same campus and affairs between college guys and school girls were not uncommon), take her on a holiday somewhere nice and talk to her about how she feels and engage with her. She feels she is not attended at home and poor girl is seeking it outside. Further she thinks, that all this is her fault. Even that bastard senthil's behaviour. Most importantly your and your parents support system should take her away from the path of saying that I deserve him and nothing better. You touch senthil, there is no telling what your sister would do. We dont need to do anything drastic unless I call for it", Ramesh looks at Palladam giving him a stern stare.

Ramesh has mastered the art of communication, especially verbal. In a modulated voice he puts an arm on venky's shoulder and says "Machi, this is not some election issue or tamil comitteee issue. You have to handle this carefully. Do as I tell you and all will be fine", he says confidently. What we (looking at me) will do is talk to your sister and ask her how her preperations are happening. you have to act as if no one apart from your family knows what's happened. All of us", looking at palladam "will act as if we know nothing. Alright ? I will just ask her how her preparations are going on ok ?.. not now but a week later".

The plans were made and palldam firmly reined in. He along with karuppa was given the task of tailing senthil every waking moment of his college day.

That week passed of peacefully and when ramesh and I spoke to venky's sister I was really jittery and tensed. She seemed fine to me, but in Ramesh's opinion it might be a facade of comfort she is putting. Just to confuse things, he added "Oh thats healthy and normal, Most of us actually put facades because they are security nets for us to even out our insecurities. Most humans want face savers in situations to preserve our dignity. If that is denied, all of us even me are capable of taking drastic and impulsive actions. If you want decisions to go in your favour, give the other guy a tough time but always give him a face saver so that he can graciously withdraw his stance. Most ego hassels and problems happen because we dont believe in giving face savers, we want the other person to be emotionally broken because they hurt us". I looked at him awestruck "Ok Mr. Shrink, how about our group ? there are no face savers here ?". "You are right", he proceeded. "This is a controlled environment where we will be togather for 3 years. And hey if you are threatened in this group, you always have the option to walk out... isnt there a face saver, in built ?", he added with a intellectual victory writ on his face. He was spot on and man lucky we had him in the group. He never loses cool and maybe thats why none of the hotblooded turks landed up in jail.

Finally to cut the long story short, things were resolved everyone followed our roles to the tee. Paladam continued to tail senthil for the next 6 months for no apparent reason. "Hey Iyeru" (Refering in a jocular way the caste affiliations of Ramesh and me), "you go and study. What can studies give you man ? I will manage my power loom business".

Life moved on and we all moved on. Untill.

"Vasu anna" (Vasu brother), rang a voice in the middle of the bangalore railway station a full 10 years later, I was on my way to chennai. Who could that be ? could it be my cousin priya and her daughter sandy ? there was this beautiful girl standing with her luggage. I went there with a totally quizzed out look... Shalini, she introduced herself and added Venky's sister from coimbatore. Oh my god, she is now a grown up mami making me totally concious of my age. We were in the same bay and had a totally good time talking about the old days and how venky was doing. From no where she just looked up at me and said "thanks for what you guys did. Anna (refering to venky) told me later all the things that happened, bursting out into tears". "I am ok, she said consoling herself", I wonder how women can cry so easily and relieve all their stress. Is that the next step of evolution ? I felt neanderthanlisque. Dint the neanderthals become extinct ? As I looked up, no sign of tears were there. She was sporting a smile on her face and I was thiking "Hello ?? did you see someone in tears just 2 minutes back ?".

Anyways, I couldnt resist and asked her, "what was the issue ?". She took a long breath, "I was just young and he was the first guy I met. But I think those three months were the time I grew up. Now I am smarter, intelligent and hey I dont let others trample over me. Nothing serious but part of growing up you know..". I was thinking to myself, "ya ya... we can always look back and say it was nothing serious
But things could have gone wrong"..

Without my knowledge some of those words leaked out in a low mumble. "What anna ?" she looked quizzingly. "Nothing", I covered my tracks and continued. "Good, you grew out of it". She went on about the usual "what about you ?". "I have a lot more of growing up to do shalini, but you take care that you dont trample on others alright ?", I paused like a true elder giving sagely advise.

The train chugged along pretty similar to the way our lives chugged along and I was left wondering "It feels good when someone almost at the brink of falling in the abyss of continueous abuse, musters that last ounce of courage and pushes themeselves away from the edge".

It feels real good and I drew a mental smile, feeling happy that tuesday.

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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

TLA - The mother of all three letter acronymns

Whats the POA ? I dont know, maybe GPD ? Not today man, its the MOW. HBE is a right thing to do. That way we will be RTG for tomorrows meeting.

Wondering whats happening ? welcome to the world of TLA (Three letter Acronymns). We use it so often in our work places it almost sounds cool. It is said that TLAs constitute 20% of inter-office corporate communications in.

Now look at the opening statements with the following information:

POA-Plan of action
GPD-Get piss drunk
MOW-Middle of the week
HBE-Hit bed early
RTG-Rearing to go

These TLAs were originally discovered to ease written comunication, monotony and a quick way to get to know whats happening between two people. A kind of shortcuts. They have grown so much that all seeminglt complicated phrases have their own shortcut. When you overdo it or do it without realising that many wouldnt know it, it can backfire tremendously. Any finance guy would know terms like ROI, a economist would know GDP and so would an architect FPR. But you mix up the group you got a real quizzing game happening.

observation: No one really likes to admit they dont know what a particular three letter acronymm actually means. To his frustration it is like a guessing game where his mind is trying to fill in the blanks by the general context of what is being discussed. If he guesses it quickly, there is a sense of elation in mind and hey you can bet that it would be tested out once in a conversation. Nonchallently using it just to see if it fits in "So are we going to track TOT this month too ?", just to see if his guess of TOT - turn around time is correct and to tell people at large, "hey I know it ok..."

Many times, people dont guess it atall. They ask, often slyly and after the meeting is over to a trusted friend. "ughh What is ROCE ?....., oh ok" with a sheepish grin barely conceling the embaressment. Now he feels part of the club and can play the dance to the select few and the ignorant masses. "So what is the POA?".

Some like shankar get real irritated at the lack of sensitivity and utter snobbishness of the user. Shankar says, "Generally if I find myself in a situation where someone uses a three letter acronymm without caring to understand that there are others who dont know it, it means that guy could be on a power trip. Trying to show off that he knows something and making it look as if those who dont know somehow dont belong. I just say oh another TLA... putting him on the defensive.
If he asks me what is a TLA ? the response would be its a three letter acronymm... sending him further on an endless loop".

There are 2 TLAs which have sticked in my mind. Without going much into it, I would let you make whatever sense you can.

PYB- Pick your battles
EIN - Everything is negotiable.

TLAs are usefull communication tool, but only if you know when and how to use it. The general advise is use it first in a written mode among your chosen group but the first occurance of the acronymn provide for an expansion, so that people who dont know have a reference.

There is one mighty benifit in using TLAs. Afterall you cant make a spelling mistake in a TLA can you ?

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

untitled as of now.....

Often, I end up writing my thoughts and come to a point where I dont know what to name it. I thought this time, I would leave it untitled and let the reader make whatever of it. If you do come up with a title, I would be greatful and would gladly post an update. Neverheless this is how it is now.

How many times have you heard "Just be yourself, dont try to be someone else.". I was told so just yesterday. My solid, strong friend of as long as I can remember was giving his take on how my life has panned out. I value his feedback probably much more than anyone else's. Atleast he has seen my fuckups and falls right from the first ones. With each fall and each feedback he has been improving tremendously and here we are finally. "Dont try to be someone else, Just be yourself".

But what do I make of it ? This is as abstract as it can get and hey what concrete changes do I adopt. Ideally I would have loved if he had said, change this and change that. Be extremely particualar because I can change literally any part of my existance and be anything that I want. From being a charmer to a recluse. Seriously the ability to be anything that you want is a frustrating one, especially if you dont know what you want. Essentially for me it was a debate on what I "should" as supposed to what I "could" do.

Sachin went "hmmmm...." on this. He was honest and sinciere in giving me a take on my latest fuckup. But like bongs who ruminate for a long time before arriving at a diagnosis, he was as abstract as my brain could handle. Atleast he was trying to go further. "What do you do, is what you want to do ?. The whole question is within you ?". "Ok, so thats the question I should answer", I said genuinely trying to grapple with his feedback and make some sense.

"I dont know" was my honest answer. "This too shall pass", he went on to add trying to be positive and counter my sense of exasperation. "I know that", I hastened to add unconciously defending myself. Here is what good friends do. They recogonise the fact that in conversations we take defensive and offensive roles unknowingly and end up defending things which we dont believe in at all. Many times we all just slip into it. One thing leads to the other and before we know, we are poles apart drawing exaggerated personal conclusions. Ours is one of the few friendships (I know off) where we are both attuned and want to avoid it. Sachin didnt persue that line anymore and just let it go.

"The thing is, if you know what you want and if it is within reasonable expectations from the world, it will all work out", he added. I sat down thinking and trying to make sense of it all. In the current predicament, I am helpless like a wood drifting down a forcefull stream never exerting myself and anchoring to one place. Whatever I do just makes it worse. I dint like that position anymore. The past was ok, because I did want to drift. Now no more. "Wait, instead of chase", he concluded. Another thing about sachin is he has great timing almost guessing what is coming next. He says it is easy with me. "Your face cant hide a thing and thats you. Just be that."

Somewhere my flagging confidence got a boost. "Why did I take it as a complement, it isnt a good thing is it ?", I was thinking to myself. He continued, "Many times the things that happen to you may not point something in you. I am not saying, its never you. But I am saying there are things that are definitely outside of you and maybe you are not listining to it because you are damm convinced its you.". "Ya thats possible", I said. "But then what do you do ?", I asked. "You do nothing and nothing is something. But whatever you do, do it from instinct and do it honestly.", he thundered conclusively crashing his clenched fist on the metal table.

that was really helpful as it was concrete thing that I can change and it kind of fitted into my spiritual mooring of rna and karma. There are debts that need to be paid and there are consequences that need to be absorbed. Of what actions and debt to whom I am not aware of. I need to and if I get to know to who all I owe unpaid debts (not the money ones, which are always accounted for) but other stuff, I would gladly go down the path, pay all debts and be at peace.

"Now I get a hang of it", I said. with a buddha like halo flickering on like a tubelight suddenly getting a higher voltage supply. A part of me was telling me, "Watch out now!!!". This is where Sachin the Nag (snake) would strike without warning.

"I can just be honest about things and let it be without expecting anything from the outside world. I said, with a greater sense of relief". "Just be honest", he added "Just be yourself".

"But you know, listining to your fuckups give me a sense of confidence that I am not really alone.. Its very reassuring", he added with a knowing smirk on his face. "Huh...", I said stunned for a second before bursting into peals of loud laughter.

"Madharchodh..." was the only words that I could manage to get out of my mouth for the next 5 minutes.

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Psychoanalysis of a painter - MF Hussein

First of all, I would like to Thank Megha for giving me this opportunity to rant about the original Indian idiot, the painter MF Hussein. I would also take this opportunity to thank girish for bringing this incident to megha's attention. I would also like to thank my parents (Looking up dreamily at the sky and mumbling "I love you mom, dad") the noisy street dogs who wont let me sleep and ofcourse how can I forget God - the evil conspirator who makes each day of my life "the worst" day ever.

Sorry guys, have been watching grammy, apsara and dubakoor awards all week so got a little overwhelmed with emotion. Anyway coming back to the issue of the day. I think, Hussein MF is the original indian idiot. not asshole, not bastard, not hypocrite, but idiot. Going forward, I hope I am able to explain why he is an idiot and not the rest of it all. Anyway here is a sitter of an explaination. In today's world of widespread usage of cusswords and heavy cussword-impact-fatigue both on the eardrum and on the grey cells, something as simple and plain as "an idiot" has greater effect than asshole or motherfucker or dickhead. I mean my nephew who just started speaking has already mouthed "shit". I am sure in time simple derogatory words like "fool", "idiot" would be considered more offensive. A few years from now someone getting into a street fight might no longer get angry if the other guy calls him a mother fucker or dick head. Though by themselves mother fucker and dick head are highly derogatory, the frequency of usage of these two words in modern communication has eroded their impacts considerably. "Idiot" will become the most powerfull insult of the future. Wars can be fought on them. Go on try it out in your life. conduct an experiment. Call someone something horrible like asshole and call him an idiot. See which one makes him more angry. Today people know when something is an over reaction and ignore the over reaction. Asshole or mother fucker is an over reaction. Idiot seems just right. As of now few people have a lead over the rest in laying claim to the title of "idiot".

You are right, MF Hussein surely gives tough competition to George bush for the exclusive title "The idiot". But for the "the Indian idiot" MF hussein has no competition. He is a class apart.

MF Hussein is no stranger to erotic art. But as time goes by and as he gets older and older, his artistic sense borders on the macabre. For all those who are inclined towards beastality and who would gladly argue "that meow/trumphet/roar/squek" of the animal actually means pleasure and not trauma, I apologise; I cant be politically correct. Its not even got to do with the sodomy laws or so called unnatural sexual unions. Its straight forward dangerous. Forget the fact that it was laxmi copulating with an elephant (ok.. baby elephant). Even if it were fathima, it would be damm freaking dangerous ? Does he realise it is an elephant ??

I am sure it is just artistic license and doesent mean factual representation in the real world. But, isnt it wierd that the imagination of a painter (an erotic painter at that) borders on the most macabre of all acts ? A die hard tantric like me who thinks cannibalism (as long as the food is already dead of other causes) is not immoral or perverse feels there is something really low down on beastality acts.

there is one other way of looking at MF Hussein's paintings. Hussein like any other painter uses the canvas as a means to express his innermost desires unfullfillable in his life. Just to stroke his ego (did I say stroke ?, maybe I should say paw or gnaw or scratch) there are these "associate idiots" sociolites like "Nafisa Ali", who flutter around Hussein like love struck butterflies. I am sure Nafisa Ali must have been praying to allah, please make me an elephant.

Another thing that is worth noting in all of the said hussein beastality paintings (available for view at Snatan ) have the male animals having sex with hindu godesses. Mostly, it is sita, parvathi, laxmi and saraswathi. Its never Jesus the holy christ or Allah.

If he draws an allah/fathima or any one of allah's wives, sisters, daughters, hussein would have to find a cosy elephant ass and hide himself just like his friend rushdie did. To understand why hussein does all these nataks, one needs to go back into history when he was a struggling painter and he would paint giant bollywood hoardings in mumbai.

Hussein learnt early on that popularity/notoroiety works to his benifit and his pieces worthless as they might be, would sell in the art circles. Anything to do to get the attention of people and be in the public is legitimate subject to be painted by him. Moreover there were many animal based movies like "Haathi mera saathi", "Bandhar mera andhar" etc. etc. Hussein owes to these animals but being a muslim cannot represent himself or any of his gods to be with his favourite animals. In fact he secretly longs for the freedom hindu religion gives him to do whatever he wants in India. Afterall within India one can have a free license to do anything and everything as long as the target of such an attack is one of the million gods/godesses.

MF Hussein has made it a habit of being irreverant, insulting, obnoxious of every other community except the one he fears (Islam) so that he can continue to stroke his abysmally low self esteem by being in the spotlight. I would love to give him a bigger spotlight and request the proprieter of gemini circus (who I am acqainted with) to give hussein a job. The animals, especially the lions are restive and havent had u know... ;)

The most liked sardar writer Kushwant singh, though displaying similar tendancies turned out to be an honest and honourable man. He openly admitted once that his vulgar language and sexual inuendos actually hide a deep sense of sexual insecurity. extrapolating the same argument given by Kushwant singh onto hussein, surely hussein seems to be terribly underendowed... I have known people exhibit starkly opposite behaviour on the outside to compensate for a vaccum inside. The deeper the vaccum the starker and more obnoxious is the exhibit.

I care really less for how indian society is going to view this. There are other more urgent things to take care off. People dont have food, many dont even have access to basic healthcare and education. I think the antics of one idiot isnt worth their attention.

What I am really worried about is the plight of animals in mumbai. Did you guys notice that panthers and leapords in borivalli national park have become a little agitated these days ? If I were you, having a cat, dog, donkey, elephant, iguana or any such pets I would watch out for them. A mad man is on the prowl stalking and prying on unsuspecting animals.

Just one word of caution to "the original Indian idiot" hussein. Be careful with the snake and certain kinds of fish like piranahas. You may not be there anymore to paint.

Atleast thank god he isnt married. Imagine hussein doing a panda (who imagines himself to be Radha) and roaming the streets on all fours.


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